Jessica Renee Talley
Artist's Statement
Currently, I am working on a series of nonrepresentational paintings that consist of oil and gold on wood. While both gold and wood have endured ancient time, they are contrasts by nature. Gold, fragile and godly, symbolizes wealth and beauty, whereas, wood, weathered and ordinary, represents function and strength. These natural components, valuable in different ways, complement one another.

I have always been fascinated with space- the one we live in and the one we do not know. The varying dimensions and movement in my work is a slight reflection of the universe's infinte ambiguity.

The foundation of my work is the intent to translate ideas of experience and imagination into nonrepresentational, visual art. Through the use of color, mixed media, texture, and value, I physically express these concepts, bringing another dimension to the two dimensions of the panel. While exploring the depths of a surface, subtle yet significant relationships are created between light and dark, warm and cool, dry and wet, soft and hard.

Visual Art, like music, can evoke a certain mood; as coexisting mediums, one is reminiscent of the other. As you venture through each painting you might associate a particular sound to a visual. The elevated, brighter areas portray an upbeat melody, while the darker places depict a deep, bass-like tone. In the end, these elements create a natural harmony.

An essential part of my artwork is the notion of communication and inspiration. Hopefully, this work has stimulated emotion, thought and, perhaps, a moment's rest.

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